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Aug 112011
Thinking about the state of the world today, and listening to the depressing news generally, my memories go back to how we coped during the forties when Europe was in turmoil and this country stood alone, not knowing what the future  held for us.
At the time, I was only a teenager, but I do remember how well we dealt with life at the time, how we helped one another.
I had intended to write about my experiences in war-time, but these memories were brushed aside when news came this week-end about the despicable rioting which has been taking place in London and surrounding cities.
Many of the perpetrators of these riots were young teenage children who were looting, stealing and setting fire to public, as well as private,  property.  The Police were also a target for their vile behaviour.  Where were these children’s parents?

People’s homes and livelihood and even their lives have been taken from them.  There are simply NO EXCUSES, whatever the reasons people may give or theories that experts may offer. It is time for us to work together and support one another just as we did during WWII – even though the threat is now coming from inside the country we always felt so proud to live in.

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