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Childhood Memories

Oct 12012

I remember my Summer Holidays when I was young! Every year my Mum and Dad took my brother Charles and me by car to the seaside. We always went to Cliftonville (near Margate) and stayed at The Cliff Hotel which was a small private hotel owned and run by Mr. and Mrs. Walters.

Sometimes, our Cousin David came with us. I also remember my Grandma (my Mother’s Mum) coming with. Every day they were moving her to a different room, for one reason or another!!

We loved those holidays! Cliftonville had vast sandy beaches and I can still smell the sea! The weather was always good (!) and in the evening sometimes as a treat we were taken to “Dreamland” (a mini theme park in Margate). Afterwards, if we were really good , we visited the Ice Cream Parlour!!

These holidays unfortunately ended when War started in September 1939, but I always remember them with warmth!!

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