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“Weather Report”

Jun 92013

heartSince the start of the New Year I have been a little under the weather and consequently found myself early one morning arriving in an ambulance at one of London’s top Heart Hospitals where I had to undergo an emergency heart procedure.

From the moment I arrived at the Hospital, the treatment I received under the National Health Service was at all times excellent, as was the follow-up I received from my own surgery when I came home. If I had been a Private patient I could not have been treated any better.
I have lots of catching-up to do, but I’m sure with the right amount of rest and food, plus a lovely hot summer, I shall soon be back to my OLD self!!
VOG-TwibbonA big “Thank You” to all the lovely Doctors and Nurses I had the pleasure to meet during my recovery!
Rita Marcus. V.O.G.
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V.O.G. on BBC Radio this Monday!

Apr 272013

The Digital HumanFinally the episode of “The Digital Human” with Dr Aleks Krotoski featuring an interview with Rita Marcus about this blog will be airing in two days time – Monday 4:30pm on BBC Radio 4.

The replay and full details are available online at (replay available worldwide).

Looking forward to hearing the show and your comments and reactions!

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