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V.O.G. Insurance Surcharge

Sep 52010

NOT a good day today!!

The renewal of my Car Insurance has arrived in the post today and I was speechless when I saw that it has been increased by fifty percent!!

When I phoned the Insurance Company to discuss this I was told that there had been an increase regarding all car insurances but mine was mainly due to my age!!

I pointed out that I had never had a claim during all the years I had been insured with them. Take it or leave it was their attitude – hard cheese!!

Fact is I’ve been penalised for being a V.O.G.!!

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Online Shopping Trip

Sep 42010

I was pretty exhausted after my last shopping trip – and I didn’t even leave the house! Tesco had made changes to their online grocery system, and the helpline wasn’t able to help much – they just wanted me to get rid of my cookies and I hadn’t even ordered any!

The order was delivered yesterday and it was fine, but I may just take the car next time.

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The Adjustable Bread Keeper

Aug 252010

Maybe you’d like to hear about my latest “gadget” for keeping bread fresh. It’s an adjustable bread keeper and it really does keep your bread fresh. I admit to being a sandwich-lover and therefore always like to have really fresh bread available. This was a gift from my daughter who, incidentally is a well-known London caterer – Georgie of

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Aug 212010

“Gogo” in South Africa is the revered name for V.O.G. and also simply the word for “grandmother”. My son has spent a great deal of time there and I have been introduced over Skype video to many of his South African friends. They have bestowed on me the honorary title of Gogo too!

Here is a lovely photo of two of my Gogo friends, Unice and Nellie with my daughter-in-law Barbara.

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Back Online!

Aug 132010

If I had not been the mother of a brilliant computer wizard I would no longer have access to the Internet, and this V.O.G. would have disappeared from your screens forever!

This all happened when it was necessary to change my phone number, which caused ensuing problems – it turned out that I had to login to my router and change the settings on “ATM VC1” – whatever that is!

Stephen to the rescue, talking me through it over the phone!

Anyway, I’m back and once again able to reach all you lovely people all over the world who have read my Blog.

Thanks Stephen!
You’re a Star!!

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All Around the World

Aug 92010

I was amazed to see how people from all around the world are starting to read this blog (click on the graph for a better view).

After Vogue Italy, there is also an article in Brigitte, one of Germany’s top fashion magazines – click here.

And even an article in Russian talking about this V.O.G.’s blogi !

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Vogue Italia lists!

Aug 72010

Vogue Italia interviews Ari Seth Cohen about his Advanced Style blog and mentions too!

Read the article in – and make sure you catch the slide show on that page of some of Ari’s gorgeous photos of other VOGs.

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The “Most Influential” V.O.G.

Aug 62010

I’ve entered the Fast Company Magazine “Influence Project” and am already at number 349 our of more than 26,000. The winner gets to be on the magazine cover and everyone’s photos get displayed.

Every click counts, so please come and join me! CLICK HERE

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The Forever Shop revisited

Aug 32010

I just took my son, who was on a short visit from abroad, to see Ari Seth Cohen’s photos in the Forever Shop at Selfridges.

These have now been displayed on a floor to ceiling wall, as you can see from these photos.

We left without making any purchases, though I was tempted by the classic Italian scooter!

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To “Banbury Cross”

Jul 312010

“Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross
to see a fair lady on a white horse.
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes.”
(Children’s Nursery Rhyme)

An interesting ride in the countryside with my son this week-end took me to the pretty villages and small towns in the lovely surroundings of Oxfordshire.

BANBURY was our first stop, though I must say that the legendary “Fair Lady on a White Horse” at Banbury Cross was a little disappointing!   The horse was anything but white, being in need of a good clean.

Nearby CHIPPING NORTON  was certainly worth a visit with its charming wide streets and happy atmosphere.

Sulgrave Manor

We had a delightful light lunch at SULGRAVE MANOR, former home of a distant ancestor of George Washington – pretty gardens and house!

BICESTER OUTLET VILLAGE  – We stopped  here on our way home and found it quite fun.  Lots of interesting Designer Boutiques where one could browse even if you’re not tempted to buy!

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