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One V.O.G.'s Thoughts for the Day

Seasons Greetings & A Very Happy New Year

Dec 262010

Seasons Greetings and a very Happy New Year to all the wonderful people I have met here online over the past year. As I have been spending so much time on my computer, my daughter and son-in-law bought me this fantastic and very comfortable chair as a gift. I will now be able to relax more and enjoy the messages I am receiving from all over the world.

Right now I’m snowed in but warm, with a visit from my son and daughter-in-law, and looking forward to more spring-like weather.

All good wishes,

Rita (a.k.a. The VOG)

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Time Person of the Year

Dec 182010

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Winter Wonderland

Nov 302010

The best parts of winter are here now – when the snow is crisp and fresh and hasn’t been around for more than a few hours. What a beautiful photo of a Robin my grandson sent me – thanks Zac!

However lovely it is, I hope the snow won’t be around for too long as it makes it so hard to get out-and-about.

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Online Grocery Shopping

Nov 302010

I wonder how many of my fellow bloggers order their groceries online and what your experiences have been?

Each time I personally have done so I have had hysterics after sitting for well over 2 hours to set up my order and then having some problem crop up. Whenever there is a problem a call to “Customer Services” receives the same reaction: “we’ve just changed our software and are experiencing difficulties on the website” – not one of them can resolve my problem and they just leave me to abandon the order.

Fortunately I’ve usually managed to solve things myself after that and still have the order delivered – and the delivery men are excellent and so friendly and helpful.

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No Reservations

Oct 282010

My trusty old Grundig PVR video recorder gave up the ghost, taking with it my video library on its hard disk. One of my grandsons stepped in and very generously bought me a new Humax box, and I was getting used to its new terminology – “Reservations” are programmes I’ve set up to record. All was going fine until all of a sudden a big block of the evening showed “No Reservations” on the programme guide. A call to the most helpful customer service line resulted in an email with ten different points I could check.

I was just about to embark on this voyage of discovery when I looked in the newspaper TV Guide and discovered that a film with Catherine Zeta-Jones was showing that evening. Check the title!

I trust this got as good a chuckle from you as it did for me and my whole family. Just please don’t tell the very helpful man from Humax who put so much time into compiling a list of suggestions for me!

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Oct 172010

After my husband died over ten years ago, no one prepared me for the probability that I would, in time, become all of the following:

An Electrician   –  Gas Mechanic  –  Central Heating Expert  –
T.V Engineer  –  Computer Wiz  –  Book-keeper  –  On-line Shopper.
The only thing I’ve not been able to do is to decorate the home, which was something my husband did admirably throughout our married life.

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More Wonderful Photos from Ari

Oct 72010

Some magnificent women really Embracing their Age on Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style” blog:


Magnificent at 80!

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Miss Manners Comes to Facebook

Oct 42010

So glad that Miss Manners has come to Facebook. Thanks to @Mari Smith I saw the sad news about Alice:

Though I did once work on a word processor very similar to the one Alice is using, I don’t know Alice, and even if I did I would no longer be friends with her – or Timmy!

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Car Insurance Update

Sep 202010
Update on my car insurance  –  mentioning no names,  I phoned to confirm a quotation I had received over the internet a few days before from a well-known company and was told that this quotation was “no longer available”.  The cost of the cover  had now risen to double!!

However, via GoCompare.com, I eventually found a great V.O.G.-friendly company – Liverpool Victoria – and am now happily insured with them.
Fellow drivers  –  Keep your wits about you when you delve ino this insurance business!!
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Over The Top Videos 1 -The Wardrobe Advisor

Sep 92010

I had great fun making this a year or two ago – featuring one of those might-have-been careers!

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