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“80 Year Old Diva?!”

Nov 162012

It’s always rewarding to get feedback from visitors to the V.O.G. blog from all over the world and people of all ages.

I was really touched to read the latest post from Christina MacDonald on her own blog “couturEveryday”. She describes me as an “80 Year Old Diva” and “adorable”! Thanks Christina, incidentally you look pretty adorable too! Read more from Christina  here.

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“Advanced Style” Party in London

Jun 92012

I had a great time at Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style” Book Launch Party in London on Thursday evening.

It was a great success with the champagne flowing and everyone in a happy and festive mood!

Ari certainly looked very stylish himself in a bright pink suit!

His book is a “must have” for your coffee table – check it out here.

You’ll find yours truly on Page 28!

Thanks again Ari for being such a source of inspiration for this V.O.G. and others all around the world.


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Advanced Style Appearing In Print!

Dec 272011

Congratulations to my friend Ari Seth Cohen: his Advanced Style blog is about to appear in print, of course in very elegant coffee-table format, early in 2012! I can’t wait to see it!

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Advanced Style – Thank You Ari!

Apr 122011

I’m just amazed by all the wonderful comments from so many readers of Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style” blog,, as a result of the April 6 interview he had with me about my own V.O.G. blogging activities here!

You can see his article and the comments here.

All I can say is a big “thank you” to Ari and to all his readers!

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Style Without End

Jan 152011

The New York Times has just featured an article about the work of my friend Ari Seth Cohen and his wonderful photos of "glam older women" and his blog Advanced Style, introduced in 2008, which declares itself “proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.” And there is a new photo of yours truly! Take a look here!

Thanks Ari – I look forward to seeing you again on your next visit to London!

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More Wonderful Photos from Ari

Oct 72010

Some magnificent women really Embracing their Age on Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style” blog:

Magnificent at 80!

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Over The Top Videos 1 -The Wardrobe Advisor

Sep 92010

I had great fun making this a year or two ago – featuring one of those might-have-been careers!

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Vogue Italia lists!

Aug 72010

Vogue Italia interviews Ari Seth Cohen about his Advanced Style blog and mentions too!

Read the article in – and make sure you catch the slide show on that page of some of Ari’s gorgeous photos of other VOGs.

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The Latest from “Advanced Style”

Jul 242010

Hi Ari, I hope you are enjoying your travels around Europe. Thanks for the latest entry in your Advanced Style Blog. Maybe you are not aware of it, but the article you quoted from my blog was the very first entry that inspired it all (the date was changed to keep it nearer the top!)

I do appreciate the kind comments people have written.

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VOG snapped for Selfridges “The Forever Shop”

Jul 102010

You can read Fashionista’s article about Selfridges’ latest shop which will present those styles and products which have stood the test of time here. A great idea, and one I’m sure many fellow VOGs will applaud!

Of more personal interest, you will also read that the New York photographer Ari Seth Cohen is in London right now, commissioned by Selfridges, to photograph shoppers who have also passed the test of time – see his Advanced Style Blog. Having read so far, it will probably come as no surprise to you that Ari stopped yours truly while out shopping and has added her to his gallery – and he’s now also a friend on Facebook and Twitter!

You can also read more about Ari’s exploits in the “That’s not my age” Blog here and see other photos, including this elegant 96-year-old gentleman who dresses up every day to be out-and-about on the streets at Spitalfields Market.

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