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“80 Year Old Diva?!”

Nov 162012

It’s always rewarding to get feedback from visitors to the V.O.G. blog from all over the world and people of all ages.

I was really touched to read the latest post from Christina MacDonald on her own blog “couturEveryday”. She describes me as an “80 Year Old Diva” and “adorable”! Thanks Christina, incidentally you look pretty adorable too! Read more from Christina  here.

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“Lest We Forget” – 11th November

Nov 102012

I have been wearing my Adrian Buckley Poppy with pride this week and must say that I am very sad to read that many of our younger generation are oblivious to what this symbolises.

The Red Poppy is worn in memory of all our Forces, men and women, who have been killed or injured in defence of this Country. Armistice Day started on 11th November, 1918 at the end of World War I.

Coincidentally, my lovely young friend, Alexandra Saul, works for the British Legion and she has been telling me about all the wonderful work they do to raise funds for the rehabilitation and ongoing care needed, not forgetting their families.

To learn more about the work of the British Legion go to their website and find ways in which you can help this very, very worthy cause. Or you can add a “Twibbon” to your Facebook profile picture (like mine above) and/or donate online here.

Another way to support is to buy the Official Poppy Appeal single for 2012 “Landlocked” performed by James Fox (who is currently starring as Paul McCartney in the new West End Beatles musical, ‘Let it Be’). It’s available internationally on iTunes.

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“The Digital Human”: tune in to V.O.G. on BBC Radio 4!

Oct 32012

Last week I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 for a programme which is being broadcast soon! It was originally scheduled as part of the second episode on “Influence” and will now be included as a more prominent part of a later episode. Watch this spot for updates!

The show is “The Digital Human” with Aleks Krotoski and the subject of this episode is “Influence”. It relates to my blog Very Old Grandmother and my meeting with Ari Seth Cohen, the very successful New York photographer, some two years ago here in London.

Should be interesting!!

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Childhood Memories

Oct 12012

I remember my Summer Holidays when I was young! Every year my Mum and Dad took my brother Charles and me by car to the seaside. We always went to Cliftonville (near Margate) and stayed at The Cliff Hotel which was a small private hotel owned and run by Mr. and Mrs. Walters.

Sometimes, our Cousin David came with us. I also remember my Grandma (my Mother’s Mum) coming with. Every day they were moving her to a different room, for one reason or another!!

We loved those holidays! Cliftonville had vast sandy beaches and I can still smell the sea! The weather was always good (!) and in the evening sometimes as a treat we were taken to “Dreamland” (a mini theme park in Margate). Afterwards, if we were really good , we visited the Ice Cream Parlour!!

These holidays unfortunately ended when War started in September 1939, but I always remember them with warmth!!

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Happy Memories

Sep 142012

I recently returned from a visit to France where my son and daughter-in-law have moved to from Berlin.
They moved some months ago to a very small town not far from Carcassonne. Such a beautiful and peaceful part of the world, matched only by the lovely people they have met there!

It is certainly a far cry from the London suburb where I live!

I send my warmest wishes to everyone I met during my stay and hope to see you again very soon.

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Jul 302012

Congratulations to Danny Boyle for his amazing and unique presentation of the memorable opening to the Olympics.

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales were all included in this opening ceremony which had The Queen “parachuting in” with none other than 007 James Bond (alias Daniel Craig)!
The highlight for me was when David Beckham came speeding down the Thames at the wheel of that Speed Boat carrying the Olympic Flame on its last journey!  (Ah! if only this V.O.G. were fifty years younger!)
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“Advanced Style” Party in London

Jun 92012

I had a great time at Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style” Book Launch Party in London on Thursday evening.

It was a great success with the champagne flowing and everyone in a happy and festive mood!

Ari certainly looked very stylish himself in a bright pink suit!

His book is a “must have” for your coffee table – check it out here.

You’ll find yours truly on Page 28!

Thanks again Ari for being such a source of inspiration for this V.O.G. and others all around the world.


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3 for 2

Mar 192012

There’s no doubt about it, the Supermarkets seem to think that we very Senior Citizens are stupid!

“Buy 3 melons and pay for 2”;  “Buy 3 loaves of bread and pay for 2”;  “Buy 24 toilet rolls and pay for 16” etc. etc.

Firstly, where are we going to put all these when we arrive home with them and will we be able to eat the food before it goes off!! –   and live long enough to use all the toilet rolls?!
So. it would seem that we are being penalised for only buying ONE item which costs us more, and consequently, we are   subsidizing all those 3 for  2 customers.  IS THIS RIGHT?
What do YOU think?
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New Year’s Fireworks

Jan 12012
I wonder whether everyone enjoyed the  magnificent firework display from the  River Thames last night as much as I did? I had earlier watched the New Year celebrations from Australia and I didn’t dream that ours could have been better.  Maybe I’m biased (!) but I just loved our display with Big Ben as the central focus. For those who missed it, here is the replay on YouTube.
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