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No Reservations

Oct 282010

My trusty old Grundig PVR video recorder gave up the ghost, taking with it my video library on its hard disk. One of my grandsons stepped in and very generously bought me a new Humax box, and I was getting used to its new terminology – “Reservations” are programmes I’ve set up to record. All was going fine until all of a sudden a big block of the evening showed “No Reservations” on the programme guide. A call to the most helpful customer service line resulted in an email with ten different points I could check.

I was just about to embark on this voyage of discovery when I looked in the newspaper TV Guide and discovered that a film with Catherine Zeta-Jones was showing that evening. Check the title!

I trust this got as good a chuckle from you as it did for me and my whole family. Just please don’t tell the very helpful man from Humax who put so much time into compiling a list of suggestions for me!

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