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My Highlights of the Royal Wedding

May 22011
I wouldn’t have missed it for anything and those cynics who didn’t want to know, well, it’s their loss!
I was glued to the TV for most of the day and, looking back, here are some of my highlights of this lovely occasion……………
Kate’s dress was beautiful and so is she (I love lace). Her sister’s dress too was simple but tasteful and the little bridesmaids and pageboys were delightful. Loved the Queen in a pretty shade of yellow……
The Mother of the Bride, too, looked very lovely and quietly elegant. THOSE HATS!!  I must say, some were a little O.T.T.!! (over-the-top!)………. I wonder if my friend Ari was anywhere near with his Camera?
William and Harry both looked very handsome in their uniforms.    Re the Guests:  Loved David Beckham, stylish and handsome (Pity his wife couldn’t manage a smile). Thought Boris Johnson looked quite dapper.
To sum up, I really think that all the guests made a very great effort to enhance this very memorable occasion.
A little P.S…….Did anyone catch a glimpse of the Duchess of Kent who I was so sad to see looked rather frail?
In conclusion, may I wish The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a Healthy and Happy life together!
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