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Sep 12011


Do any of my more “senior friends” remember Ambrose and His Orchestra? Ambrose was very popular during the Forties and at the time I had a crush on one of his singers, Len Camber. So I was so excited to find a recording on YouTube of Len Camber singing “You Never Knew”! And yet another recording of “Time On My Hands”!

That certainly took me back to days that were!! And now I remember a time, during or just after the Second World War, when the BBC placed a ban on broadcasting these “crooners”, which included Len Camber.

Being an avid fan, I wrote to Len and he suggested that if his fans wrote to the BBC it might help. I did this and the reply from the BBC was they were “tired of these anemic and debilitated singers performing on the air”. I sent a copy of their letter to Len Camber and was excited when he took the time to phone me and thank me. Very soon after that, Ambrose and his orchestra were back on the air with Len Camber!

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  1. Avatar July 24th, 2013 at 1:11 am Brian Says:

    Hi VOG,
    I’m trying to discover whether this Len Camber was my mother’s cousin (for genealogical research). Can you remember where he was originally from? Any biographical details you can give me would be most helpful.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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